Full Pricelist
Effective from January 14, 2019

Country Flat fee Price/lb. Overw. Insurance Delivery time Max.weight
Armenia$20.00$3.89no$5.005-8 weeks66.00 lbs.
Austria$15.00$2.55yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Azerbaijan$20.00$3.99no$5.006-8 weeks66.00 lbs.
Belarus$20.00$2.19no$5.009-12 weeks66.00 lbs.
Belgium$15.00$2.67yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Bulgaria$15.00$2.79yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Croatia$15.00$2.79yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Czech Republic$15.00$2.38yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Denmark$15.00$3.16no$5.007-9 weeks70.00 lbs.
Estonia$25.00$2.32yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Finland$27.50$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
France$15.00$2.43yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Georgia$20.00$3.99no$5.006-8 weeks66.00 lbs.
Germany$15.00$2.32yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Greece Mainland$15.00$3.16yes$5.008-12 weeksno max.
Hungary$15.00$2.43yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Ireland$15.00$2.43yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Italy$15.00$2.43yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Kazachstan$25.00$3.39no$5.0012-16 weeks66.00 lbs.
Kyrgyzstan$25.00$4.16no$5.0012-16 weeks66.00 lbs.
Latvia$25.00$2.32yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Liechtenstein$29.70$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Lithuania$25.00$2.32yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Luxembourg$28.60$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Moldova$25.00$2.19no$5.009-12 weeks66.00 lbs.
Netherlands$15.00$2.67yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Norway$29.70$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Poland$15.00$1.94yes$2.756-8 weeksno max.
Portugal$15.00$3.16yes$5.008-10 weeksno max.
Romania$15.00$2.79yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Russia - Moscow/St.Petersburg$25.00$3.65no$5.0010-16 weeks66.00 lbs.
Russia - RU0$25.00$3.65no$5.0012-16 weeks66.00 lbs.
Russia - RU5$25.00$6.10no$5.0014-16 weeks66.00 lbs.
Slovak Republic$15.00$2.38yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Slovenia$15.00$2.79yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Spain$15.00$3.16yes$5.008-10 weeksno max.
Sweden$15.00$3.16yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Switzerland$29.70$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Turkey$29.70$3.16yes$5.006-8 weeksno max.
Ukraine$15.00$1.82no$5.006-8 weeks110.00 lbs.
United Kingdom$15.00$2.43yes$5.007-10 weeksno max.
Uzbekistan$25.00$4.14no$5.008-12 weeks66.00 lbs.

Minimum accoutable weight is 20 lb. for all destinations
All prices are in U.S. dollars

*) If column "Overw." says "YES" packages with total weight over 60 lb. are charged overweight fees:
2 USD for each additional lb over 60 lbs limit
Shipments with weight over 140 lbs are accounted as volume shipment and quotes are calculated individually per request.

**) Insurance counts per each $100 of insured value.
***) maximum insurance value is $800

Prices are subject of changes and can be changed anytime without prior notification.

For parcel tracking use form in the right column. We will respond back to your questions ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

drop-off locations:
 South San Francisco, CA
ABC Logistics
216 Harris Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080

receiving hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm


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