How to prepare your shipment

Your package should be as safe as possible, use quality cardboard and tape. Don't forget to cushion properly inside of the box so no items are freely moving during the shipment. Remember that your package(s) will spend weeks in transit and containers, make sure the box is sturdy and can withold certain pressure.
Don't send any perishables nor live animals!

Address label
Address label should be easily readable. Use capital letters, write with thick black marker. Don't forget to write down your return address in smaller letters on top of the label.
Write down phone number of recipient for delivering driver to ensure prompt and correct delivery.

Place the label on visible spot, for rectangular boxes is the best lower right corner, for uneven and tall boxes put the address on top, or upper side of the packaging. Affix the address label with clear tape to assure it stays there forever.

If you have received your electronic filling number, write it down with marker anywhere to the cardboard, it will help us to find your information in the system and speed up processing.

Customs forms
For your convenience we offer electronic filling of customs form. Once you filled-up the customs form you will have assigned shipment number. With this number you can come to our office and you will get print-out of your customs declaration. No need to fill-up any forms, just check the printed form for accuracy and sign in the bottom.

Instructions for correct filling of the customs form are in the notes above the form itself
Online Customs Declaration Form

... and then just bring your package to us and we will take care of the rest.

For parcel tracking use form in the right column. We will respond back to your questions ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

drop-off locations:
 South San Francisco, CA
ABC Logistics
216 Harris Court
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receiving hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm


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