Fresh News

01/14 - Rates have been updated for 2019.
New destinations added: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey

01/01 - WE HAVE MOVED! New location from January 2nd 2018 is 216 Harris Court, South San Francisco, CA 94080. It is about 3 minute ride from the old location on the opposite side of the Highway 101.
04/17 - added new destinations Spain and Portugal
02/14 - customer support requests directly from any page now
02/14 - online tracking enabled straight from our website, you can easily track yout shipments, now
05/26 - Effective today, Polonez Parcel introduced higher fees for overweight shipments ($2 for each pound over 60 lbs) and lower overweight limit (60 lbs).
09/08 - Service improvement, from now on, all packages will be shipped by Fedex Ground to the East Coast for container loading. We are no longer waiting all month for pickup truck. This will significantly speed up deliveries all over Europe.


Polonez Parcel Service provides affordable shipping of regular, heavy and oversized parcels to the most of European and post-Russian countries that are either too expensive to ship with USPS or that cannot be accepted because of size or weight limits. Company was established in early nineties and is highly popular among online shoppers all over Europe.


  • accepts oversized and overweight packages that cannot be accepted by USPS
  • affordable price
  • shipping door-to-door, no need to pickup your shipment
  • quick dispatch, shipping next day
  • relatively fast delivery (for sea freight) about 6-7 weeks
  • easy customs forms
  • online tracking

  • fragile articles have to be shipped in sturdy safe boxes to ensure nothing get breaked during transport,
  • no multi-package shipments, each box must be declared as separate shipment

Limits and restrictions
  • minimum accountable weight 20 lbs
    if your package has weight under 20 lbs it will be automatically charged as 20 lbs of weight
  • ideal weight upto 60 lbs
    packages with weight over 60 lbs are subject of overweight surcharge $2/lb over 60 lbs, for details check our pricelist or try instant quote form on the right.
  • maximum accountable weight is 140 lbs
    we accept even heavier shipments but those are not considered as household shipment and are accounted as volume shipment and the unit is cubic meter - individual quotes are provided per request.
  • volumetric weight is applied for bulky shipments.
    Formula: Weight * Height * Length / 140 = Volume weight. Use calculator on the right to determine if your package is subject to volume weight or not. Keep the content compact and reduce excessive space within the shipment by cutting down the box. Don't use air padding, you pay for moving air.
  • oversized shipments: long packages with length over 2 meters (eg. ladders) are also subject of additional fees - usually +30 USD

Insurance covers only lost packages. Damage inside the shipment cannot be insured. Pack throughly, use good padding.
Prices for insurance are shown in the pricelist.

Customs fees and taxes depend on laws of destination country, they are not included in the price of shipping and in the case there is customs claim delivery agent might charge additional fees for customs services and collect due taxes for the shipment.

For parcel tracking use form in the right column. We will respond back to your questions ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

drop-off locations:
 South San Francisco, CA
ABC Logistics
216 Harris Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080

receiving hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm


get instant quote:

destination country:
weight: lb.*
insurance: $
dimensions: xx inch^
* minimum acct. weight is 20 lb.
^ dimensions are optional

Do you need it faster?
We can offer multiple ways of air shipping, for more information visit